Our company is established in 1988. We have concentrated on developing and manufacturing cooling heating system. Company's scale is small but we export our special goods with having plentiful experiences and know how. Our company is possible to make total engineering of high pressure gas, environments chemical machinery and others.

Name of company

: Samwon industry.
: Sangkyu,Kim
: July 10, 1988
: 6-120,220 Distribution Center 97 Siheung Daero Geumcheon-gu
  Seoul, Korea
: 02-806-5775
: 02-806-5774
: ksk@subzerotech.co.kr

Cooling system
: freezer, water cooling machine, gas cooling machine,   
    cold storage warehouse
Heating system : heating furnace,dryer
Very low temperature system : sub-zero system, LN2 freezing machine
Environment examination system : isothmal humidity machine, VOC recovery system,
    gas cooling system.
Vacuum related system : vacuum dehumidifier dryer , vacuum freezing dryer.
Humidification and   dehumidification system
: humidifier, dehumidifier,practical application.