Freeze materials in a short time by liquid nitrogen
(-196°C)'s vaporization latent heat(48kal/kg)
which is beyond the limit of freezing machine and make programs controlling optional freezing temp and time.

Cooling room and gas agitation system
Liquid nitrogen supplying system
Automatic temp control and recording system.
Safety device.

Improvement of material's hardness and wear
   resistance by changing retained auatenite into
Secure of size' safety by season distorsion
Strengthen hardness by resolving nasty retained
   auatenite of carburizing surface.
Improve the rest of mechanical quality.

Sub-zero treatment for season distorsion prevention
    of metallic measurement gage
Sub-zero treatment for wear resistance of diese
    punch and so on.
Remove retained auatenite of big sized gear and
    roller's carburizing surface.

Standard: make any standards by orders.
Using temp:-150°C type, -196°C type
Control recording: program control and
    recording system
Adiabatic method: urethan foam insulation.
Control method: control by solnoid valve.
Safety device: circuit breaker, manometer, pressure
    block switch, safety valve.