Vacuum freeze dry is the best way to dry goods.
This method which freeze goods below of freezing temp by changing from solid to vapor condition, is sublimating dry.
Because it treats goods which easy to have heat denaturation, under low temp without applying heat it keeps dried food's stability and preservation in excellent way

Consecutive operation of freeze and dry for having
   freeze and dry system inside of dry room
Vaccum control by vaccum gauga and leak control.
Install clean window to observe inside of dry room.

Dry room's temp : -60°C~100°C
Freezing trap's temp : -70°C
Freezing system : airtight freezing.
Using new refrigerant without destroying ozone layer Vaccum pump : using 2step rotary

Foods and medical supplies's clean dry
Microbe, antibiotic enzyme's dry
Cosmetic, coloring dye's dry.
Agriculturl, marine and stockbreeding product's dry